Liberty is under threat from all sides. Ohio Republicans have taken every opportunity to curb individual liberty, attacking abortion rights, gun rights, and the rights to protest and assembly. We will restore and strengthen those rights and push back against efforts by the federal government and corporations to impinge on our liberty.

When it comes to liberty, Democrats and Republicans often come up short. Despite Republicans claiming to stand for small government and liberty, if we’re looking at the situation sincerely, a solid eighty percent of Republican politicians would have been Royalists during the Revolution. There would most likely be a similar figure for Democratic politicians.

The truth is, most politicians will defend liberty up until the point where it becomes politically inconvenient to do so. Liberty is one of my most closely held beliefs, it allows for no equivocation. What had made this country so successful was this commitment to individual rights, to liberty, and democracy. I commit to returning us to those values and I will start by removing the Republican government that has dominated Ohio for years.

What Needs Done:

  • We must restore and reaffirm the liberties that have been infringed upon by an overbearing Republican government.

What I’ll Do:

  • Legalize marijuana and release and expunge the records of all non-violent offenders wrongfully imprisoned on drug charges.
  • Decriminalize all substances. The government has no right to legislate what you put into your own body.
  • Reduce the age to legally buy tobacco products back down to 18.
  • Block any further anti-science anti-choice abortion legislation pushed by Republican legislators.
  • Ensure the decision to have an abortion is entirely between a woman and her doctor.
  • End private prisons and the prison-industrial complex.
  • Ensure the right to bear arms is not infringed.
  • Ensure the right to protest as stated in the 1st amendment.
  • Push back against inclusion of religion in government and respect the right of all people to celebrate a religion they so choose.
  • Define privacy as a right in the Ohio constitution.
  • Enshrine the right to the data you create in the Ohio constitution.
  • Take a “no victim-no crime” approach to criminal justice reform.
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