There is a better future out there waiting to be built. Elections aren’t just for choosing our representatives for the next few years. They are an opportunity to discuss and debate and collectively discover that better future. Many forget this. Many get caught up in the horse race and political partisanship. We convince ourselves that the answers are already known and clear and that the task at hand is not discovery but persuasion. But that’s simply not true.

These policies are a jumping off point for further exploration. They are founded not in ideology but a pragmatic idealism. I recognize that once in office I will be one voice of many in the legislature and that my task is to offer something different, a unique perspective shaped by my history and that of my constituency in Richland county. I also understand that I will be viewed as an unpopular rabble-rouser in the minority party and will have little personal power or influence. And so my policies must stand by themselves as sensible, reasonable, bi-partisan efforts to improve our state, protect our liberties, and serve the people of Ohio.

This election is an opportunity to change the course of Ohio for the better and dig us out of our 50 year decline. We have a lot of fun at the Grady campaign, we keep things lighthearted because politics should be a joyful community endeavor rather than the joyless, brutal slog that has come to define it. But when it comes to policy, I’m as serious as it gets because without question, there are real human lives on the line. Don’t away the future on petty partisanship. Join US!

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