Press Release 5/19/20 (Republished Here 10/10/20)

After an extended primary election, the Richland County Board of Elections has certified Sam Grady as the victor in the Democratic primary race for the 2nd state house district. Sam will face Republican Marilyn John in November. 

Sam is looking forward to running a necessarily novel campaign as COVID-19 continues to disrupt normal social activities. “We have a lot of ideas in the pipeline, a lot of projects we’re working on for the summer. We’re going to be very well positioned to turn out a notably different electorate than this district has ever seen, historically. Richland county always has dismal turnout, not even counting eligible but unregistered voters. We can engage atypical, apathetic, and youth voters like no campaign has before.”

Sam expressed confidence that activating this diverse pool of new voters as well as his ability to peel away traditionally Republican voters with his hardline stances defending individual liberty, his disdain for career politicians, and his pillorying of Ohio’s feckless government would deliver a major upset in November, one that would leave Ohio’s political establishment in, “shock,”. 

He would like to thank the many voters that took the time to write him in on their ballots and wishes to assure them that it will be much easier in November. They will merely have to check a box next to his name. “I am grateful to all the people that put me in this position. This campaign belongs to them. And come November, we will deliver the statehouse back to you, the people.”

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