2022 Republican Senate Primary in Ohio

For Immediate Release:1/25/2021Subject: 2022 Republican Senate Primary in Ohio With Sen. Rob Portman’s decision not to pursue another term as Ohio’s senator, former Democratic candidate for the 2nd Ohio statehouse seat, Sam Grady, has been suggested as a successor by supporters. While no decision will be made without a great deal of reflection and further consultationContinue reading “2022 Republican Senate Primary in Ohio”

The Ohio 2nd State House, An Underrated Race

For Immediate Release:10/29/2020Subject: The Ohio 2nd State House, An Underrated Race The Ohio Republican party called him an “antifa terrorist” on twitter. The Richland county Democratic Party denounced him and claimed no affiliation with him. And the Ohio Democratic Party has made it clear they want nothing to do with him. He’s promised that onContinue reading “The Ohio 2nd State House, An Underrated Race”


10/23/2020 Pre-General Campaign Finance Reports For Immediate Release: Pre-General financial disclosure reports, the last information on candidates’ fundraising and spending before election, day have been filed. In the race for state representative of the Ohio 2nd district (Richland County), Sam Grady, who only began accepting donations at the end of August, raised $2,660.20 through OctoberContinue reading “PRE-GENERAL REPORT”


10/21/2020 For Immediate Release: State Representative candidate for the Ohio 2nd, Sam Grady, released his plan to reform the Ohio state government. The goal of the plan is to make the government a more reliable, more representative, more transparent, and less partisan institution. Highlights of the plan include adopting ranked choice voting, eliminating the stateContinue reading “SAM GRADY RELEASES GOVERNMENT REFORM PLAN”


2/12/2020 For Immediate Release: MANSFIELD – Sam Grady, write-in candidate in the Democratic primary to represent the Ohio 2nd House district, is pleased to receive the anti-endorsement of Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom. The organization reached out to him as it reaches out to all candidates for the state legislature every election.  Grady has statedContinue reading “SAM GRADY: NOT APPROVED”


Press Release 5/19/20 (Republished Here 10/10/20) After an extended primary election, the Richland County Board of Elections has certified Sam Grady as the victor in the Democratic primary race for the 2nd state house district. Sam will face Republican Marilyn John in November.  Sam is looking forward to running a necessarily novel campaign as COVID-19Continue reading “SAM GRADY WINS DEM NOMINATION”