2022 Republican Senate Primary in Ohio

For Immediate Release:
Subject: 2022 Republican Senate Primary in Ohio

With Sen. Rob Portman’s decision not to pursue another term as Ohio’s senator, former Democratic candidate for the 2nd Ohio statehouse seat, Sam Grady, has been suggested as a successor by supporters. While no decision will be made without a great deal of reflection and further consultation with friends and allies, Mr. Grady has expressed interest in the possibility and would no doubt return to the Republican party to participate in the primary for the open seat. 

Grady is a lifelong Republican, a lifelong Christian, and an early Trump supporter having voted for Rick Santorum in 2012 and Donald Trump in 2016 over RINO’s Mitt Romney and John Kasich. At times, Mr. Grady has had strong disagreements with the Republican party, Trump, and the Ohio Republican establishment. Citing specifically the culture of corruption, the failure to drain the swamp in DC and Columbus, the “bootlicking” Grady does not believe to be inline with Republican small government ideals, Trump’s attacks on the 2nd amendment, the failure of Republicans to pass any significant infrastructure or aid packages, and their tendency to otherwise neglect the working people of Ohio. 

Were he to run, he would campaign on a large, bipartisan infrastructure and stimulus bill (predicting a protracted recovery) that would include rural broadband and recurring, direct cash payments through the end of the decade at least. In addition, he would advocate for a more expansive interpretation of the 1st amendment to include poster’s rights; believing Trump’s suspension from twitter and the silencing of dissenting voices on social media, specifically referring to Grady’s own suspension from twitter, was a step too far. Grady would also make a point of reaching across the aisle and across the chambers of Congress, in particular working with Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, of whom, he is a big, big fan.  

Sam Grady takes seriously his duty to fight for the people of Ohio and will continue to do so wherever he believes he can best serve. Should he determine that being the Republican Senator from Ohio is the best path forward then that is what he will do. Whatever his eventual decision, Grady will continue to push for a reformed and better Republican party going forward. 

Email: samgrady4house@gmail.com

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