Grady Invites John to Debate


Grady Invites John to Debate

For Immediate Release:

The Grady campaign has invited Marilyn John to debate, or has at least attempted to invite her. This press release is also intended as an open invitation to Marilyn John for a debate in the hopes that she or someone who knows her will read it and get in contact. Attempts have been made to reach her or a representative of her campaign through email and social media with no response. But it not clear those messages have gotten through in which case the fault would rest with the Grady campaign. The Grady campaign believes it has been blocked on social media by Marilyn John’s campaign which is why messages do not appear to make it through.

There is no reason to believe Marilyn John is attempting to duck out of any debates with Sam Grady or the associated public scrutiny. “We want a debate and we assume she does too, we just haven’t managed to get in contact with her quite yet,” Grady explained. Mailing her a hand-written, formal invitation was considered but with the election near at hand and with the possibility of a slowed and overloaded postal service, it was determined inadvisable (if you are voting absentee, consider dropping your ballot off at the secure ballot drop box located at the county Board of Elections).

The Grady campaign is asking Marilyn John to 3 debates. The first to be conducted via zoom. The second to be conducted via VRchat to demonstrate our commitment to the technologies of the future and to create a more immersive experience than video chat applications can provide. And the third to be conducted at noon in the park with megaphones at a distance of twenty paces.

The details of the debate are of course open to change, it could just as easily be more of a town hall or a friendly, public discussion over coffee so long as it takes the appropriate, social distancing precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Sam Grady emphasized the importance of public debate to the democratic process saying, “We all know the partisan lean of the district, that doesn’t change our responsibility to the people of Richland county to have a serious discussion about the future of Ohio and what our state representative will do to create that future. Government by and for the people means transparency, it means accountability, it means a debate,”

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