For Immediate Release:

State Representative candidate for the Ohio 2nd, Sam Grady, released his plan to reform the Ohio state government.

The goal of the plan is to make the government a more reliable, more representative, more transparent, and less partisan institution. Highlights of the plan include adopting ranked choice voting, eliminating the state senate and expanding the state house to 225 members, and introducing “Democracy Dollars” in Ohio campaign financing.

To some, the policies might appear outlandish or a serious divergence from what is normally proposed in Ohio politics. But as Grady sees it, Ohio has become a corrupt, poorly governed, and undemocratic state that has effectively enshrined single-party (Republican) rule into law and serves the political ambitions of its elected officials and the financial interests of their donors above all else.

The campaign of Grady’s opponent, Marilyn John, is emblematic of some of the greater failings in Ohio’s democracy in that she is a career party member, chosen by the party leadership to be the nominee in a district that, like so many in Ohio, has been gerrymandered to be safely Republican. This meant the primary should have been the only stumbling block to her nomination but there again she was bailed out by corrupt and undemocratic machinations when former Speaker of the House Larry Householder paid for mailers against her Republican opponent. Householder did this illegally through a 501(c)(4) called Generation Now which, through another intermediary, sent money to a Super PAC called Growth & Opportunity PAC, also secretly controlled by Householder. 

Householder was able to rescue John’s campaign because 501(c)(4)’s are poorly regulated and do not have to disclose their donors. Generation Now was allegedly funded by money paid as a bribe for the passage of the notorious HB6. In this way, John’s campaign inspired a number of other reform policies Grady has proposed including independent redistricting, reducing barriers to independent and minor party candidates to run, and requiring greater transparency in election spending. 

“This is my first go around in politics. I’d say I pay attention to local politics but this is the first time I’ve ever really looked under the hood. It’s incredible the patterns you start to see,” Sam stated. Grady has been greatly concerned about the direction of the country and worries what could happen when the government loses more and more legitimacy. He is hopeful that by putting out these policies, whoever wins in November will adopt them because we all, regardless of party, have great interest in preserving the fair and democratic nature of our government. 

Government Reform

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